Top Rated Boots for Ice fishing in 2017

Between all that wet snow, sloshing water and hours of just being outdoors, ice fishing almost seems designed to freeze your feet. Enter the modern pac boot, combining the lessons of the past with advanced materials and designs. we’ve done our research and created this guide to take out the burden off your shoulders when shopping for the best boots for ice fishing on the market right now. Later, we’ll also discuss some buying tips and boots characteristics to look for in order to keep you informed when choosing the right ice fishing boots for your needs.

1. Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

Kamik-Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather BootThe Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot was meant to keep my feet warm and dry while outside shoveling, as well as taking the kids out into the snow for sledding, snow fights, and building snowmen. They did exactly what I expected. They’re one of the most used pairs of boots by the back door. They’re easy to slip on and tighten quickly, too.
Flexible, Rubber Sole – The sole is durable as well as being flexible for walking through the snow.

Cold Rated – The Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather boot is rated at -40F.

Snow Collar – Snow will not be able to slip into the top of the boot because of its snow collar.

Substantial Boots – The Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather boots weigh 2 pounds 4 ounces for the pair. This is a substantial pair of boots that will feel sturdy.

Waterproof – You can easily walk in the snow with the Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather boot and not worry about dampness or mush penetrating the sole or sides of the boots.


Consider the size you’ll need for these boots before ordering since they run a bit narrow. That could be a problem for some people with wide feet, and for those wearing more than one pair of socks.

The rubber soles and surrounding area on the bottom of the boots won’t adjust as some other boots might. That’s important to note when considering your sizing options.

  1. The Original MuckBoots Adult Arctic Sport Boot

Original MuckBoots ice bootsThe combination of rubber and fabric makes the Original MuckBoots Arctic Sport Boot one of the best insulated work boots to beat at present. It is designed even for arctic conditions, with a comfort level ranging from -40 degrees to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it perfect for practically any outdoor activity – not just work-related. As a work boot, it delivers. As a sport boot, it also meets expectations.

It is waterproof and insulated, so it can be used even in the snow and in the rain. In extreme cold, it will keep your feet toasty and dry. The boot shaft, tall at 14.5 inches from the arch, provides extra protection even when you have to wade through drifts.

Here’s what we like about the Original MuckBoots Adult Arctic Sport Boot

  • Soft but tough foldable neoprene uppers
  • Waterproof, with stretch binding on top of shaft to keep water from coming in
  • Tall shaft
  • Grippy rubber soles

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  1. Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot

3. Kamik Men's Nationplus Boot

Warm: There are 200 grams of Thinsulate inside this boot, which doesn’t seem like a lot of warmth, but the insulation in this boot isn’t sequestered behind lining. The thick, rubber sole will keep the foot away from the cold concrete, as well as frozen ice or soil. Another increase to the R-Value is the metallic lining that is sewn into the boot liner.

The bottom of the boot liner is un-insulated, instead using a felt material. This model is another boot in our review that is comfort rated down to -40 degrees F/C, and while we just didn’t have those kinds of temperatures in our testing area to accurately verify that, what we can say is that compared with another 40 below contender.

Waterproof or Water Resistant?

There’s a difference between waterproof and water resistant, and Kamik Men’s Nationplus boots are waterproof to a certain extent. From the sides of the boot, there won’t be any water allowed to enter the material. The sole and outsole are one piece of molded rubber with a waterproofing material, along the stitching that meets the other materials. There’s a gusseted tongue, but only to a certain level of the boot.

However, the place at the bottom of the waterproofed, gusseted tongue where it is sewn to the leather upper easily allows water to leak through, lowering the maximum puddle depth before leakage to 4.5 inches. This is a shame since the shaft of the boot is so high (11 inches). While prolonged deep immersions is not what this boot is meant to withstand, as soon as water enters by way of the tongue gusset, the Thinsulate foam insulation is very quick to sop it up, making the inner liner cold and soggy.

The best traction:

The grip pattern is large, square rubber that will give you confidence on slippery surfaces. The grip doesn’t do as well in deep snow or mud, but on a snow-covered driveway, they were perfectly adequate. Truly, the sole of this boot reminds one of the tread pattern on winter snow tires.  The soft, sticky rubber compound seems to aid in the grip on icier surfaces, and does not cost the boot any grip in snow or hardpack.  For the times that I’m heading out onto the lake for some ice fishing, I’ll end up wearing a different pair of boots. These were great near the back door, for trips to the wood pile, and taking the dogs for a walk.

Cons: Poor design allows water to leak in at base of tongue, more labor intensive to put on than others

  1. Sorel Men’s Conquest Winter Boot

Sorel Men’s Conquest Winter Boot

Overall reviews

Seam-Sealed Construction – This keeps the boot waterproof, so there are no seams that will allow water to seep through.

Traction-Enhancing Outsole – The sole has multi-directional rubber lugs to ensure traction on the slipperiest of surfaces.

Built-In Gaiter – There are drawstring collars that have barrel locks to ensure snow is kept at bay from the boot.

Steel Shanks – The boot is manufactured with steel shanks to enhance rigidity and support.


The insulation in the SOREL Men’s Conquest boots provides warmth from Thinsulate polyester fibers. While some boots require two pairs of wool, winter socks, the SOREL boots only need one pair of warm socks. They don’t even have to be wool. They’re comfortable for -40 degrees F. The Thinsulate ultra insulation is 400 grams of pure polyester warmth.

Fit and Comfort Level for the Boots

With the steel shafts and weighted boot, there’s a heft and sturdiness to the boots that make them great for a certain activity level. The ankles are supported incredibly well in the boot with its 9 inches of height that reaches to mid-calf. The boots run true to size and don’t really require extra socks to stay warm. I was able to buy the right size and not worry about the fit at all.

Traction on Snow and Ice

These boots are great on snow and ice. They provide weighty stability and ankle support, so you’re able to keep your balance on slippery surfaces. The multi-directional lugs on the bottom of the boots give enhanced traction, too.

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5. Baffin Men’s Wolf Winter Boot Review

Do you need a really cool boot for your winter? This top brand of winter boots, Baffin, offers an amazingly-looked with high-quality boots you can rely on for this winter. It has been constructed of 900 denier nylon with rubber sole so that your walking experience is somehow more amazing. Its padded snow boot features dual buckle straps around shaft and drawstring collar. It also has the EVA midsole for softer experience. Most importantly, it is featured with the seven-layer removable insulated inner boot system with grippy outsole.

Baffin Men’s Wolf Winter Boot Review

Baffin Men’s Wolf Winter Boot


Unique combination of foam based inner boot system along with unique molding technology.

Provides maximum warmth, comfort and fitting for your feet.

Sole and midsole of the boot are both molded in a single process.

Offers right combination of protection, support, traction and lightweight features.

Boot is more lightweight because of the use of synthetic recyclable rubber.

Seven layers of removable insulated material that provides good amount of insulation.


Boot is more rugged and highly durable in nature.

Very easy to go on and off.

Takes very less time for breaking in.

Provides good grip and traction on slippery grounds.


Though the company says the boot can withstand up to -40F temperature, your feet may feel the cold at -20F temperature.

As far as support and stability is concerned, the boot lacks in these departments to some extent.

There is less ankle support as compared to the other boots in this list.

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