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Best Time to Bass Fishing and 6 Tips To catch Bass

Fishing has always been a popular outdoor activity across the world. It not only offers fun and enjoyment but also tests the application of proper techniques and patience. Bass fishing is one of the most common forms of fishing.

For experiencing a successful outing, it is essential to be aware of the best time to bass fishing tips beforehand. It will help to reduce your time and energy while catching the fish.

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Best Time to Bass Fishing

There is no point of disagreement that with the latest techniques and equipment, it has been a much easier task of catching a bass fish ever before. However, the success of bass fishing also depends on varieties of other factors as well. The most crucial among them includes the following below:

• Seasonal influence:

The ideal time to be involved in bass fishing can be easily spilt into the segments of early winter, fall, summer, post-spawn, spawn, pre-spawn, and late winter. It is better to get in action during the summer season when such fish usually tends to swim in the upper layer of the water in search of food. During the winter season, you have to wait for longer durations to catch the attention of such fish to move towards your suspended baits. You can also utilize the period of pre-spawn when such fish desperately look for a steady food source and a reliable shelter.

• The Impact of temperature in the water:

Depending on the temperature level of the water body, a bass often changes its location in search of surplus availability of food resources and to acquire a comfortable resting place for shelter and spawning activities. When the temperature of the water is around 30 or 40 degrees, such fish tend to settle in a specific spot and consume food for few days only. Your best fishing scope usually arises when the water temperature level rises up to 70 and 80 degrees because then the bass fish will employ all its energy to move from a place to another in search of food. So you must thoroughly monitor the water temperature to employ the suitable technique to catch the fish.

• Monitoring the phase of spawn to dictate fish behavior:

The phase of pre-spawn is quite common among the marine organisms like the bass fish. This stage usually arrives during the onset of the spring season. During such stage, a bass fish prefers to feed more for survival to lay eggs successfully. It is the right time for an experienced fisherman to lure them through sinking different artificial baits like jigs, swimbaits, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and others. Once engaged in spawning, both the male and female bass fish normally becomes quite provoked and agitated once noticing the advancement of your artificial baits into their demarcated territories. You can very easily utilize such behavior to capture them in large quantities to enjoy a lavish meal at night. Make sure that the lures you will be using must be made of good quality materials to endure the bite of the fish quite easily. You can buy such artificial lures in the market on the basis of colors, sizes, and patterns of your choice.

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• Thoroughly monitoring the moonlight phases:

Different phases of the moon help anglers to easily determine the movement and location of the bass fish inside the water body. The onset of the phase of a full moon during the spring season is a clear indication of the spawning activities of such fish. So you can utilize this occasion to capture them in large numbers. The onset of the phase of a full moon during the summer season is an ideal time to capture big sizes bass that roams from place to place in search of food and shelter.

• Following the changing trend of weather:

You must also carefully study the weather pattern before going out for the bass fishing. You must concentrate to catch bass fish during the period of late winters as well as on the arrival of the period of early pre-spawn. During these occasions, the temperature of the water level usually varies around 60 to 70 degrees centigrade from 40 to 50 degrees. You can also utilize the natural phenomenon of rising water to enjoy the best ever bass fishing experience of the lifetime.

• The Impact of daylight:

You must thoroughly study the intensity of the daylight during spring and early fall season as it can also help you to catch bass fish in large quantities as well. During the period of low light conditions the activities and movement of such fish usually, increases in search of food and shelter. During such occasions, you can use the popular techniques of crankbait or jerkbait to enjoy the fun of fishing in groups. However during the bright daylight hours, such fish usually hide at a considerable depth below the water body. You can also utilize the situation when the intensity of daylight is greatly reduced due to the presence of cloud in the sky. During such conditions also, the fish movement subsequently and facilitates anglers to capture them in large quantities.


No doubt that the above-mentioned guidelines and suggestions have provided you sufficient insight into the basics of the best time to bass fishing tips. Once you reading these recommendations, you will automatically understand the need for advance preparations for the arrival of appropriate fish hunting seasons. You can also get in touch with any experienced fishermen to know more about the ways to successfully capture bass fish to have a nice feast.

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