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To many angler, gloves are an essential piece of fishing gear. Cleaning fish, you want to ensure you filet the fish, not your fingers. And if you’re more of a catch and release guy, gloves will allow you to grip the fish without squeezing the fish . Wetting the gloves will also ensure you don’t remove the fish’s protective slime layer while handling.

Fishing GlovesSizeImage PreviewsPrice
Glacier Glove Islamorada Gray SunglovesFingerlessGlacier Glove Synthetic Leather Palm ReviewsCheck on Amazon.
Sun Protection Fingerless Gloves Verified UPF 50+ UVFingerlessSun Protection Fingerless GlovesCheck on Amazon.
Glacier Glove Synthetic Leather Palm Gray SungloveFingerlessGlacier Glove Synthetic Leather Palm ReviewsCheck on Amazon.
Rapala Fillet Fishing GloveFullRapala Fillet GloveCheck on Amazon.
Berkley Coated Fishing GlovesFullBerkley Coated Fishing Gloves reviewsCheck on Amazon.

Best fishing gloves might deserve a place in your tackle box. If so then read our reviews of the top brands fishing gloves.

1. Glacier Glove Islamorada Gray Sungloves

This is the best fingerless fishing glove available for fisherman. There are anglers who love to use fingerless fishing gloves. For them, this fishing glove will do the trick. Primarily, this fishing glove is designed to be used in unpredictable weather
It is made of a G-Tek 2mm fleece lined neoprene palm for grip. The glove has a special design to make it windproof. So if you live or fish in a place where the wind is a common concern, then this glove will be very helpful to you. Some of the fishing chores might require you to use bare fingers. You can easily do those complicated kinds of stuff with this fingerless glove.

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Neoprene palm for better grip
G-Tek 2mm Fleece lined Neoprene Palm
Windproof design
Fingerless design to do critical fishing chores

2. Sun Protection Fingerless Gloves Verified UPF 50+ UV

Ever wanted to get a camo fishing gloves? Sound good, grab this glove.This camo glove can be useful for both fishing and hunting. Fishing on a sunny hot day might be problematic for many anglers. If you want sun protection to your head and hand. This camo glove has UPF 50+ sun protection to keep you safe on the sunny, hot days.

This fishing glove comes with extra cuff design to protect you from sunburn. It will block 97%-99% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. The moisture wicking and breathable AquaPoly fabric help too. You can use it for other daily chores too.

Gloves Features
– Three camo design
– Different sizes available
– Very comfortable
– Blocks 97%-99% sun’s harmful UVA or UVB
– Good gripping
– Prevents moisture
– Extra long wrist design to prevent from getting sunburned



3. Glacier Glove Synthetic Leather Palm Gray Sunglove

Designed with a fingerless cut preferred by anglers, the Ascension Bay Sun Glove offers fishermen complete UPF 50+ sun protection for their hands during a day of fishing.

Glacier Glove has been an industry staple for over 30 years, known for their quality neoprene gloves that are used by commercial fishermen and dock workers, they have recently expanded into other markets. Their line of sun protection products displays the same level of quality that made them the leader in outdoor performance gloves.

Glacier Glove Synthetic Leather Palm Reviews

The Ascension Bay Sun Gloves are constructed in two parts. A lycra-spandex blend is utilized for back of the glove creating a stretchy, flexible feel that is desirable for fishing activities; the glove doesn’t feel constricting at all and is very comfortable. Synthetic leather is incorporated for the palm of the glove providing more strength and protection for the anglers hands. The material give the glove more structure and is very durable. Protecting one’s hands is extremely important as the hands are the most oft-exposed body part of any person. During any normal day, our hands are exposed to direct sunlight and the harmful UV rays of the sun. A day of fishing, which involves anglers holding rods for extended periods of time leaves our hands in direct harm far longer. Protect yourself with a quality sun glove – the Ascension Bay Sun Glove fits the bill perfectly.


4. Rapala Fillet Glove

Not every angler can or may be want to spend big on fishing gloves. For them, this is the best cheap fishing gloves available in the market. Rapala marine fisherman glove comes at a very low price and offers pretty good service to the users.The non-slip fish control durable latex coating will protect your hand from teeth, gill plates, and Dorsal Fins. This fishing glove can be used for both saltwater and freshwater.

Rapala Fillet GloveWhat’s more, it’s machine washable. For such a low price, it would be tough to get a good fishing gloves like Rapala Marine fisherman glove.

The Rapala Marine Fisherman Glove is a nice glove that is also affordable. These great basic gloves can be purchased for a cheap price and they provide a good non-slip grip on your catch. The durable latex coating will protect your hands from dorsal fins, teeth and gill plates. However it’s not to be used as a fillet glove.

These gloves are low maintenance, just machine wash and drip dry for years of use. They are available in large and extra large. We consider these gloves to be good for fish handling.

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Gloves Features

  • Very low price
  • Protects from teeth, gill plates
  • Can be used in both saltwater and freshwater
  • Machine washable
Some other characteristics of Rapala Fillet Glove
Made of a combination of cotton and synthetic material with steel wire woven in (Tuff-Knit). Correct sizing for a good fit. I have large hands (can palm a basketball) and the BPFGL was a comfortable tight fit after a little stretch. It is sold as ONE ambidextrous glove per package, same on both surfaces. Provides a good grasp of scaly/slippery fish while protecting fingers from sharp accidental knife slices or pricks from fish teeth or spines. Be aware that a direct stab with a metal needle will punture the glove.Useful in the kitchen (slicing, dicing and mandolin work), butcher work, sorting & handling sharp tools and handling garbage (broken glass, shards, etc.) – and any job with a risk of hand injury by sharp cutting objects.

5. Berkley Coated Fishing Gloves, Blue/Grey

These Berkley fishing gloves are coated in with a textured grip, which allows you to handle each slippery fish better, to ensure you don’t lose that fish back in the water
These fishing gloves may not extraordinary, but obviously better in low budget. If you have fixed just a few bucks for the gloves, then you can choose them. These gloves are made with quality material and have the coat on palm as if you can get an excellent grip when you handle the fish. Undoubtedly, you can’t get another pair of gloves than these fishing gloves at a cheap budget.
Berkley Coated Fishing Gloves reviewsPros:
– Great for handling small to medium fish
– Perfect for woman hand.
– Offer good protection
– Comfortable
– Small size
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