8 Important yet Effective Lake Trout Fishing Tips

People sometimes tend to ignore the basic rules when going out for the fish lake trout. Among anglers living in North America and Canada, Lake Trout is one of the favorite fish. These freshwater fish sport a dark green body along with yellow spots all over.

They love to remain in cold waters and are mostly found in regions where the water levels are pretty deep. Over the years, overfishing has led to a decrease in their population which is why there have been steps to have controlled fishing. Commonly stocked across lakes in the Western region of US and across Canada, there are some basic rules when you are looking to catch one of these fish. As a result, they often return empty handed. To avoid the same mistakes, individuals must follow the main lake trout fishing tips as mentioned below:

1. Using the ideal light action rod

For trout fishing, you must use the proper fishing rod that comes with a lighter line so that it can help you in adopting a unique technique to catch the fish. Make sure that the rod you will be using must allow you to catch the line below the area of the lake quite easily. It is better to use a rod whose hook number is either 6 or 10.

2. Choosing the appropriate bait items

Before using the right bait to lure the lake trout, you have to take into consideration factors like season, depth, population and so on. Taken these factors into consideration, you have to draw the attention of the fish towards your boat. The ideal stuff for luring the lake trout mainly include weightless small spinners with beads or polished metal foil.lake-trout-fishing-tips

3. Studying the weather pattern

The summer mornings are the best time to look for the Lake Trout fish. These fish usually go for patrolling at the morning hours if the weather is calm and comfortable. During harsh weather conditions, they usually seek shelter in the underwater settlements. During spring, these fish flock to some deep locations for feeding. The chances of spotting the fish on the surface are pretty high when the surface water remains dead calm. Additionally, if the sky is clear the chances of catching a lake trout easily is increased drastically. Moreover, the time just before the dark is another ideal moment to catch them with ease.

4. Assessing the depth of water body:

It is another vital aspect among all the Lake Trout fishing tips. These fish prefer to reside in cold water and for that, you need to penetrate your fishing rod deep inside where the water temperature remains cold even during the warm season. The ideal depth to place bait for these fish during the summer season is 10 feet while in spring the ideal depth ranges from 20 to 30 feet. If you want to catch them during the period of late spring, then the suitable depth ranges from 30-45 feet.

5. Choosing the right fishing spot:

As mentioned earlier, these fish normally like to flourish in the cold water. Using this fact, you can select any of the prominent North American lakes where the population concentration of these fish is very dense to enjoy a comfortable fishing activity all round the year. You can also select the cold lakes of South America, Asia and Europe as well. You may also look for these fish in other spots like ledges and drop-offs.tips-how-to-catch-lake-trout

6. Hiring an advanced fish finder:

The equipment are becoming quite popular among the fishermen to track down the location and presence of these fish in different depth of the water body. These devices prevent fishermen from going to the wrong spot in search of these fish. This facilitates in an easy tracing of the schools of the bait-fish which is suspended. The moment you come across a school, it’s recommended to troll around the outer diameter of the school. The Lake Trout would actually sit under the school while anticipating for a weaker or an injured fish to venture out of the school. Usually, these schools of bait-fish are found in areas where the water is between 30 to 60 feet in depth.

7. Using the correct tackling method

: Depending on the concentration areas of the fish, you need to use the appropriate tackling method to catch it. For instance, if the fish are scattered then the ideal way to deal with them is to use the troll technique. If they are thickly concentrated in one place then you must apply the jigging technique to capture them in large quantities. For choosing the right tackling method you have to use the latest fish finder device.

8. Troll very slow indeed

When you are trying to catch a Lake Trout you definitely need good reflexes to work your lure but make sure you are not too fast. In case you are on a boat that is moving very fast, there are very high chances of finding it hard to find the bottom of the lake. In case your boat comes with a bigger motor and becomes hard for keeping it slow, it’s better to opt for back trolling.


A Lake trout being one of the favorite fish options can be rated to be an average fish to tackle. These are basic guidelines that form the core elements of the Lake Trout fishing tips. Using them you will be able to enjoy a perfect time with your family and friends. With proper tackles backed by these essential tips, you are definitely well-prepared to have a joyful session of fishing. A handy tip to catch this fish would be to venture out during the early hours of the day or may be the time when the sun is about to set. Although, the tips here do not cover each and every aspect of fishing but are comprehensive indeed to give a good start for every aspiring fishing enthusiast.

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