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7 Easy Yet Important Carp Fishing Tips For Every Angler

The types of fish that belongs to the Cyprinidae family are the ones that are known as carp. These are usually large in size and are native to both Asian and European countries. They are found in freshwater and are considered invasive by a few countries too.

The popular carp fish include the grass carp, Catla carp, mud carp, Mrigal carp, etc. On interesting fact about these fish is the fact that a female can lay over 1,000,000 legs every year but their population remains the same always. This is due to the fact that their eggs are vulnerable to fungi, predators and bacteria. Carp fishing involves a combination of skill, intelligence and patience. Situation-wise you have to change your tactics and tricks to catch the fish conveniently. You can obtain many valuable insights from some of the carp fishing tips that have been enumerated below:

1. Choosing the right fishing spot:

Sometimes you are unable to catch the fish of your choice despite having the right kind of equipment. One of the reasons to could be the factor that you haven’t done any advance research to select the appropriate fishing spot of your needs. Many people tend to ignore this but it is one of the primary carp fishing tips that plays a crucial factor. If you do not want to repeat the same mistake then should carefully select the ideal spots where you can find plenty of carp fishes. In particular, it is better to look for those areas where the Carp fishes go for food and shelter.

2. Be Vigilant and Patient

Most carp fish are known to have a common behavior wherein they strike the bait twice or thrice before the actual strike. Hence, be patient and give the fish a chance for taking the bait before you go ahead to set the hook. It is advised to have a good hook remover as it facilitates an easy removal of the hook from the mouth of the carp that has been fished.

3. Using the right kind of baits

Once you have spotted the most frequently used patrolling routes of these fishes, it will be easier for you to concentrate on the appropriate baits or luring items to draw the attention of these aquatic animals easily. For carp fishing baits, you can use items like cat food, snails, worms, chickpeas, maize, barley and others. You can also place corns in your fishing rod hook as it is the most suitable of all baits due to flavor, texture and color. Most Carp fishes are unable to resist the temptation of this food item even though it is attached to the hook. Corn is another recommended bait for the carp fish. You may also use bread as a bait as these fish love to eat them as well. Additionally, in case you are using the artificial baits make sure you use the artificial grubs or warm to enhance your chances of having a good catch.carp fishing lures, carp fishing bait, carp

4. Utilizing the right fishing accessories

You have to purchase the suitable fishing rod and line to make your fishing expedition a success. There are hosts of equipment that are available in the market for carp fishing. These include Catapults, Spods and sticks. For carp fishing, it is better to use black matte colored hooks while looking for the fish in the murky water surface. Use of shiny colored hooks can alert the Carps while the dull color of your hook might not make a lot of a difference. They are a few of the fish species where the color of the hook matters. It is best advised to use a black matte hook, especially if you are using corn as the bait. Some fishing experts also recommend using a yellow or a gold hook. At all cost, shinny hooks should always be avoided.

5. Flexible tackling approach

Depending on the size and weight of the fish, you have to adopt different tackling techniques. Otherwise, it will not be possible for you to get hold of the desired fish even while you are having the right set of equipment. You need to adjust the size of your hook, modifying the stretch of your ridgeline suspension and other basic changes according to the need of the hour. The tackling technique must also be based on the patrolling zone of the fish as the use of similar catching pattern can render your adventure useless. You can use lightweight chains with free hanging bobbins to increase your tackling option. Other tackling techniques include the use of corn and Boilie tied around the hook of your fish rod.

6. Adopting a pre-panned approach

Like other fishing types, Carp fishing also requires a lot of planning and consultation. Carp are a very cunning species of fish that can easily sense danger. So you need to conduct an in-depth study focusing on the food habits, patrolling routes and other basic characteristics of this fish species. The above-mentioned facts will help you in nabbing such fishes as you can frame your own fishing strategies to make your adventure fruitful.carp fishing tackle, how to catch carp, ca chep

7. Fish near the Ducks

An interesting tip would be to prefer fishing in an area where there is a considerable population of geese or ducks. This is due to the belief that carp usually follows the ducks, especially in the region where humans feed the ducks. A free bread meal is one of their favorite food and they would go any distant to have one.


Although, the above mentioned Carp fishing tips can be pretty handy and contribute largely to having an amazing experience of fishing in the middle of the scenic lakes, ponds and other water bodies, for the newbies it is advised to accompany a seasoned fish enthusiast who has the required experience. Moreover, make sure you equip yourself with the right set of fishing tools when you are set to go for carp fishing.

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