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5 Best Maps for Fishing in USA 2017

A fishing map is an illustrative atlas which comprises of well-demarcated contours of various water bodies like seas, lake, stream, and others to help fishermen in ascertaining the exact inhabitant zones of the fish very easily. Such map also presents a vivid topography of the inner water region including hidden rocky chunks, and others to help anglers to avoid obstructions while floating the boat towards a specific direction.

It assists anglers to keep an active track on the availability and movement of the fish during the onset of different seasons. This type of map always prevents unnecessary wastage of time and energy during any fishing expedition and helps anglers to focus on the actual fish inhabitant zone on the basis of species and other criteria. This type of map will enable anglers to easily lure popular game fish like bluegill, bass, crappie, and others. Such map helps to spot new fishing zones very easily.

Why should you be having a fishing map?

A fishing map plays a major role in determining success or failure in the angling trip. The major advantages of having such atlas mainly include the following points below:

  • Easily spotting the fish inhabitants: A properly contour demarcated fishing map will help you to easily know about the prominent places of fish settlement in the rivers and lakes of a particular country. It also helps you to devise in advance the new tackling techniques to easily capture fish in large quantities.
  • Enjoying the fun of fishing in popular lakes and river: Once you acquire a well-crafted fishing map, then you can easily catch the fish of your choice in renowned places like Mark Twain Lake and other aquatic places of the United States. This map will help you to gain an accurate insight on the exact fish location depending on species and other criteria. This type of map will always assist in selecting the right place to capture fish in huge quantities.

Things that must be considered while buying a fish map

Before spending money on a fishing map, you need to consider certain factors carefully to enjoy a successful trip with your partner. These are:

  • Perfect representation of contours: A fishing map always provides a flawless depiction of the contours and outlines of lakes and other water bodies. Such contours must highlight on the existence of components like rock, gravel, muck, and sand along with the exhibition of submerged islands, humps, reefs, and others. At the same time, the well-marked contours of such atlas must also depict the slope of a river and lake covering the shoreline to the interior basin. There is no point in purchasing a fishing map if all these essential details are completely absent.
  • Providing compass direction: No matter whether you are using a hand-drawn or printed fishing map, it must come with a compass demarcated direction in the form of an arrow pointing in all directions. At the same moment, this type of map must also contain the legend for defining the meaning of various symbols that are depicted in the aquatic topography in a simple and plain language. The inclusion of legend in a fishing map will help you to easily identify and spot creek channels, submerged roads, marshlands, fish shelters boat ramps, drowned woods, and other bottom materials in the aquatic zone.
  • Displaying aquatic vegetation variations: A fishing map must also properly demarcate the three major vegetation varieties in the aquatic body to denote the relationship between the environment and the food habit of fish covering the shoreline and other inner regions of a water body. It will offer sufficient insight to the anglers in selecting the appropriate baits while capturing fish either in the shoreline or any part of the stream or lake.       

Reviewing the Bes 5 Fishing Maps for USA

1. Washington River Maps & Fishing Guide Paperback

It is a popular book among the Washington-based anglers. This book comes with the series of well-documented fishing maps and also covers subjects like Boat Launches, River Access, Fishing Techniques, Insect Hatches, Steelhead and Salmon Run Times, Accommodation and Services for Anglers, Knots & Tackle Guide and others. This book will help you to select the appropriate time and location to catch fish in large numbers while casting the fishing rod either from the bank or from any boat.

The book will help you to easily know about the fascinating secrets of some of the best rivers of Washington covering minute details to enable you to acquire the essential fishing experience. This book also offers the latest email and phone information to allow fishermen to easily avail the important accommodations and services in all conditions. The author of this book is Dough Rose and it presents all the necessary fishing details in a simple and lucid language. This guidebook will enable anglers to avoid irrelevant fishing spots to prevent unnecessary wastage of time and energy.


  • Offers assistance to the new anglers with important maps and other fishing guidelines
  • Helps anglers to determine the right time and spot to capture fish.
  • Provides detail information covering all the nooks and corners of every river.
  • Throws lights on the essential services like RV park, Motels etc that anglers must avail
  • Thoroughly discusses techniques to catch fish depending on species and other criteria
  • Helps to track the movement of the running fish in every river ranging from slow to peak
  • Covers knot typing, fish tackle, hatches, and identifications


  • Only covers the renowned rivers of Washington
  • The guide book also omits a few fishing methods
  • The maps have depicted certain contours with imperfection and haziness
  • Fails to provide any innovative approach in catching and spotting the fish
  • There is no attempt in explaining the difficult terms in a simple language.

2.Michigan’s Top Fishing Maps Perfect Paperback

This guidebook comes with an illustrative map to help the Michigan-based fishermen in identifying the proper spots to catch fish in large numbers covering streams, lakes, and other waterbodies. This book can easily reduce the time and energy to find and catch fish in all conditions. Once reading this book thoroughly, it will become much easier for the anglers to lure fish like salmon, trout, bass, steelhead, walleye, Chuck Lion etc. in popular lakes and rivers of Michigan that include Erie, Superior, Huron, and so on.

The book thoroughly covers every lake and river on an individual basis. The author also presents well-documented discussions on fish species, run timing, seasonal availability, boat access, and shore, productive techniques, and others. The main attraction of this book constitutes the inclusion of the 86 detailed maps that properly demarcate the essential fishing spots of each and every river. It also encompasses other useful facts that include restaurant, lodges, local hotel, etc that can help anglers in enjoy a perfect fishing trip.  This book will help you to enjoy the unbeatable thrill of angling in places that you have always heard but never have the opportunity to visit at all.


  • Contains detailed and illustrated 86 maps to easily locate the ideal fishing zone
  • Offers proper insights on the essential fishing techniques and tackles
  • Provides accurate information on the fish habits covering run timing, seasonal availability, and others
  • Helps to come across essential services and accommodations to enjoy a thrilling fishing trip
  • Information and other essential facts are presented in an attractive manner
  • Provides valuable assistance to the new fishermen to catch fish in popular streams and lakes of Michigan.


  • Maps have missed out in denoting certain other popular fishing spots
  • Little information about the fish tackling methods
  • Does not fully cover all the fish habits which could have provided further assistance to the fishermen
  • There is no simple explanation on the certain specific fishing terminology

3.Montana’s Best Fishing Waters: 170 Detailed Maps of 34 of the Best Rivers, Streams, and Lakes

This book provides a thorough exploration on the each and every corner of the streams, lakes, and rivers of Montana with the detailed description. This book features the detailed 170 maps covering the 34 prominent water bodies of this state with the GPS coordinates. This book will help the anglers to obtain the detailed maps of every section of the rivers in Montana in an illustrative manner. With the help of this book, one can easily obtain the 5 detailed maps with one overview atlas of the Madison River. Similarly, the Missouri comprises of total 13 maps that cover 12 detailed maps and one overview map.

Apart from demarcating the vital fishing spots, these maps also depict islands, dams, and other essential landmarks of these water bodies which include towns, road system, boat ramps etc. The book also contains proper and accurate notes with every map on topics like fly patterns, peak fishing seasons, and others. It also presents some of the popular fishing spots of Montana that mainly include Big Hole, Blackfoot, Ruby River, Georgetown Lake, and others. The book will help you to select the appropriate aquatic spot in Montana for fishing or boating purposes.


  • Inclusion of 170 detailed maps automatically increases the selection option of the anglers
  • Offers a complete map description of each and every section of the rivers in Montana
  • Maps also cover other essential landmarks like islands, dams, restaurants, and others.
  • Mentions in detail regarding the distinct living patterns of all fish species
  • Directions are shown through the GPS coordinates in the map
  • Contours are properly marked and drawn on the map surface.
  • Saves time and energy while searching the ideal fishing spots on the lakes and streams.


  • Absence of mileage scale in the maps
  • Full information covering fish habitats, seasonal availability are not presented in detail
  • Completely fails to throw lights on the other fishing tackling methods
  • Limited text info focusing on rivers of Montana only
  • Although the photos are excellent but there is no attempt to explain the complicated GPS coordination.

4.Missouri Fishing Map Guide (Sportsman’s Connection)

The book was updated in the year of 2016 and usually features detailed contour maps of lakes, best fishing guidelines from the expert anglers, popular fishing spots, fish stocking data, and other information. The book comprises of 208 pages that focus on presenting the vital information on fishing with the detailed road area maps of the entire state. From this book, you can easily know about the largest reservoirs of Missouri that include some of finest fish hunting spots of the world.

You will no doubt appreciate the inclusion of the illustrative maps covering each and every lake of Missouri beyond 500 acres. This guidebook will help you to access the important information so that you never encounter problems in fishing while admiring the scenic beauties of prominent aquatic places like Lake Wappapello, Ozarks lakes, Mark Twain Lake etc. It helps anglers to avoid water places that seldom witness the arrival and movement of fish during the time of peak seasons. This book is very much compulsory for the inexperienced anglers to easily find out the ideal fishing spots without spending much time and energy.


  • Provides well-demarcated contour maps of each and every lake of Missouri
  • Presents unique fishing guidelines of experienced fishermen
  • Offers a vivid descriptive map sketches of the specific water section of each lake
  • It also presents the detailed road maps covering important landmarks of accommodations and essential services
  • Presents information in an entertaining and attractive tone with the help of fascinating photos and map contours of each and every lake of Missouri province
  • Exhibits current data on the availability of fish in major lakes in an extremely simple way


  • Although the book is quite useful but could have included more rivers in the maps
  • It has missed out certain information on fishing and other relevant areas of expertise
  • It has not properly furnished the fish stock data in an organized way
  • The book does not present any fresh new ideas and methods to track the fishing zone inside the lake

5.Oregon Lake Maps & Fishing Guides (Resized and Revisited)

The book is mainly based on the extensive outdoor research of writer Gary Lewis covering the 39 lakes of the Oregon province of the USA. The book presents latest and accurate information in the form of illustrative maps and photos to easily determine the fish location without relying on the local guide. This book also discusses in details other issues like access points and roads, appropriate time of fishing, conventional tackle techniques and much more in an extremely lucid manner.

It helps anglers to become familiar with the unexplored sections of the water body that are rich in fish habitats. This book allows fishermen to easily avail all the essential facilities and amenities to enjoy a successful angling trip in all seasons. It comes with 88 pages and plays a crucial to unearth the mysteries of the water reservoirs that are rich in fish stocks of distinct species. It allows anglers to uses the ideal tackling methods to catch fish in large numbers on the basis of species and other yardsticks.



  • Provides all the essential information in an attractive manner to draw the attention of readers
  • Contains proper contour demarcations in the maps to easily trace the ideal spots for fishing
  • Helps anglers to avail accommodation during the time of long fishing explorations
  • Offers unique and innovative tackling methods along with the conventional techniques
  • Mentions in detail on the use of suitable gears and tools to capture fish quite easily


  • Maps do not provide any incredibly detailed description of the prominent inhabitant zones of the fish in water bodies
  • Presents information only on the renowned lakes while excluding the remaining
  • It has also omitted various types of baits to lure the fish easily into the trap.


There is no doubt in proclaiming that the average angler will like to buy the book of ‘Montana’s Best Fishing Waters: 170 Detailed Maps of 34 of the Best Rivers, Streams, and Lakes’. The title of the book itself suggests that it is packed with the detailed maps with a separate overview atlas of the prominent water bodies of the Montana province in the USA.  Although it falls within the price tag of $37 to $39 but this book will help you to experience a thrilling angling trip even in other parts of the United States as well. In no other books, you will come across such detailed map presentation to trace the actual location of the fish. This book will help you to come across many fresh ideas and approaches to tackle fish at ease to enjoy a lavish dinner at night with your partner. So you must immediately purchase this book to enjoy a spectacular fishing trip.

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