Best Bass Fishing Lures That will Work for You Perfectly

Bass as a fish refers to a plethora of species encompassing both marine and freshwater species including Asian sea basses, temperate basses, and black basses. The smallmouth and largemouth species of basses are most popular with anglers as far as game fish baiting is concerned. South America is another region where the largemouth abounds in rivers, dams, and lakes thereby offering ample opportunities to fishers to make the most of their angling trips. Both live baits and artificial lures work equally when fishing for basses. Now, there are many different types of lures mimicking or resembling live baits that basses prey on like mice, frogs, crayfish, and worms. The following paragraphs elucidate the five best bass fishing lures that any passionate angler can use to the best of his advantage during early summer when basses are available aplenty in the waters.

Ideal Bass Fishing Lures for Early Summer

With the spring season gone, basses desperately rummage for food as they’re hugely ravenous following the protracted spawning period. Early summer is when basses are most active as the water and atmospheric temperatures around this time of the year hovering between 50˚F and 70˚F are congenial for the fish species. As the temperature soars and the heat tend to build up, the movement of the basses slackens and as a result, their appetite takes a beating. As the summer reaches a peak, basses look for areas with cooler waters.

However, if you develop a knack for using the suitable baits and master the appropriate fishing techniques, your chances of netting a good catch will remain bright all through the summer. So how do you go about opting for the best bass fishing lures during the early stages of the summer season in order to maximize your prospects of catching a large haul?

  • The temperature of the water is the best yardstick-As mentioned above, basses prefer to swim in their natural habitats where the water temperature fluctuates in a range of 50˚-70˚F. The season or the climatic conditions simply don’t matter to this fish species as long as the temperature of the water lingers in their preferred range. As the summer progresses, the temperature starts rising gradually and as the water temp approaches the 80˚F mark, schools of fishes start journeying towards cooler climes. So, obviously, your choice of best bass fishing lures is influenced or dictated by variations or alterations in the water temperature.

Basses tend to be very fastidious by nature and keep on persevering till they find the water zones in lakes, rivers or terns with their preferred water temperatures. If you can spot and zero in on these spots or areas in the lakes or streams, you’ve already won more than half of the battle. After you’ve pinpointed the bass hideouts, you narrow down your focus to picking the apt lures for targeting the fishes.

  • The top early summer artificial baits or lures-Selecting the best bass fishing lures is just a part of the bass-baiting job but a significant part nevertheless. It is only when you marry the lures with the appropriate angling techniques that you set yourself up for making an enviable catch. Since bass schools are dispersed over a very large area of water and throughout, you’ll have to move not only with speed (so that you can scan large areas) but use lures that scurry or dart quickly as well.

The top picks amongst lures that’ll go a long way in enabling you to bait fish profusely in the early summer are rubberized worms, buzz baits, spinner baits, and crankbaits. Crankbaits work best when you’re on the shoreline where the water is about two to four feet deep. Spinner baits are the most effective amongst the 4 lures mentioned and so you should be looking to making the most of this type of lure especially when you’re angling during this season. Buzzbaits are suitable for using in areas where the water level is shallow, particularly in zones replete with timber rot and lily pads that serve as average camouflages for basses. Worms are by far the least powerful of the prized baits.

However, this kind of bait makes up or compensates for its ineffectiveness (in comparison to the other top ones) by coming to your aid when the other nimble or agile bass fishing lures are not delivering. For instance, if you’re moving around in a zone where there is a concentration of moss, reefs, lichens, and boat docks, you can cast the line using a worm as faster lures won’t be of much use in these areas.            

Though the aforementioned 5 best bass fishing lures work wonders for you during the early phase of summer, it doesn’t at all imply that you should restrict yourself to these lures only. Early summer is undoubtedly the most opportune time in the entire year when you can try out a whole range of lures as you’ll need to deploy your entire arsenal to keep abreast of the bass that is not only wildly scattered but also moves rapidly.

1. Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures

If you’re a passionate and diehard angler who makes it a point to dock yourself in a large lake or rivulet to net salmons, northern pikes, walleyes or largemouth basses, then you surely fall for the Rattlin 05 fishing lures hook, line, and sinker. You’ll be simply amazed at the resourcefulness of this powerful crankbait that comes in perfectly handy regardless of whether you’re racing with this lure on the choppy waters of the high seas or looking for smallmouths near the shoreline. The Rattlin crankbait works equally well for both fast and slow retrieval rates as it comes equipped with two three-pronged hooks, one fixed near the tail and the other below the throat, that guarantee hookups.

This crankbait by Rapala produces a vibratory buzz in the waters that quickly traverse through to the basses invoking their curiosity and attracting their attention. To be a little more specific, the sounds created by these appealing lures have frequencies that are audible to the basses and hence can be picked up easily. The Rattlin crankbait is a top draw amongst game fish anglers because of the combined effect of the proprietary ‘bob’ or wobble and the harmonic sound frequencies. The lipless form and tapering design enables the crankbait to be cast far while its heft allows it to sink fast and deep. The hooks have been constructed out of VMC black nickel that can resist wear and tear and retain their utility for years. Surely, the Rattlin 05 is one of the best bass fishing lures that you could opt for.


  • Each of the lures that are about 2 inches long sinks as fast as you’d want it to without getting trapped or caught in the weeds or rocks (the depth that these lures can sink to is determined by the weight of the fishing line and on your retrieval capacity
  • Not only this crankbait sinks fast and deep, it elevates quickly as well when you spool in  
  • Makes the right noises or sounds that tempt the fishes even if they’re spread over a large body of water
  • The hardness and heaviness of the crankbait characterized by a lipless design perfectly apes the movement and profile of live lures
  • This lure works best for medium retrievals where it sinks down to a depth of seven to ten feet making it ideal for hooking basses hovering around weed beds, sunken timber, and rock


  • This crankbait can get a tad wobbly if you try to plunge it rapidly that can deter the fishes from biting into it
  • Needs to be cast as well as coiled in aggressively continually as merely allowing the same to sink and sit in the depths will not serve the purpose

2.Blue Gill Sun Fish Panfish Talipia for Bass Fishing Lure

The Bluegill Sunfish Panfish Tilapia for Bass Fishing Lure by Soljer is ideal for using as baits experienced fishermen and anglers for a good number of reasons. This is one of the best bass fishing lures enabling the angler to hook a hefty largemouth bass or walleye as it dives or sinks real deep. This deep dive crankbait can be put to optimal use for hooking basses that swim down to and stay put in areas where the water is cooler during the height of the summer season. Thus this bluegill sunfish lure is most suitable for those anglers who’re used to fishing in areas where the waters run very deep.

The lure has a length of 4 inches or 10cms and segmented into six distinct sections that permit it to sink slowly yet steadily. It comes with 3D eyes that resemble the eyes of a live minnow or crayfish and its body looks like that of a tilapia or panfish that titillates the basses to go after it. The S-swimming motion of the lure draws out the basses from their deepwater hideouts deceiving them into believing that it’s alive. The segmented sections hold onto each other strongly via a robust fabric. The segmentation combined with the fabric lends the lure a great retrieving or pulling force making the bait perfect for hooking large game fishes including basses, walleye, pikes, roaches, and yellow perches. The body has been fabricated out of quality ABS material that is not only odor-free but eco-friendly as well.


  • The multi-segmented lure has a very high aesthetic appeal and its appearance resembles that of a live bait like tilapia or panfish that draws out the large predatory fishes
  • The segments are solidly tethered and held in place by a premium quality fabric that imparts to it an excellent torque or pulling power
  • The ABS material from which the lure has been crafted is extremely durable and heavy duty
  • The lure is highly environmental-friendly enabling the same to be recycled
  • This lure can be exploited for hooking large-sized predator basses, northern pikes, and walleyes as it swims and behaves exactly like a live tilapia or panfish


  • Cannot be used with fishing rods that are not hefty and don’t have a robust backbone
  • More suitable for using in areas where the depth of the water is profound that is at least 15 feet which means you won’t have much luck if you position yourself on the shoreline

3. Rose Kuli Multi Jointed Life-like Swimming as Life Fish Swimbait Hard Fishing Lure Bass Bait More Sizes and More Colors

The multi-segmented fishing lure from Rose Kuli when appropriately attached to a premium-quality rod forms a potent combination when it comes to catching a variety of large as well as small game fish species including largemouth bass, salmon, trout, Northern pike, and yellow perch. This crankbait style lure that replicates the look and movement of live baits can easily tempt or titillate a variety of predatory fishes you’re looking forward to hook. The body of the tackle which is sectioned into multiple segments (6-7 distinct sections) offers you the leverage to retrieve the same with great force, especially when a sizable largemouth has been hooked.

The robustness of the twin treble-pronged hooks means that these clasp the bass so strongly that the fish will never be able to free itself. The form factor or design of this crankbait lure allows it to swim or immerse naturally in all conditions of fishing. The barbs have been fabricated out of a superlative grade of metal and the body is extremely durable. You’ll simply have fun casting the line with this lure tethered at the end and spooling or reeling the coil feels convenient as well. This lure is great for casting in lakes, ponds or lagoons that are weedy.


  • The lure appears so lifelike that more often than not when you’re having a hard time catching basses, you might be fooled into believing that you’ve hooked a fish when actually it is the bait bobbing up and down
  • Comes with features that’ll are really unique including natural shine, realistic eyes, and bright color patterns
  • The lure can easily plunge to a depth of 7-10 meters going by the lip angle and size
  • The hooks have been chiseled out of premium grade metal and the body is of ABS plastic making the entire lure extremely long-lasting
  • The swimming behavior and movement is incredibly realistic


  • The hook at the tail end is prone to bending and losing its original shape especially after you’ve netted numerous large game fishes
  • Sweeping the fishing or casting line vigorously can make the lure strike the water sideways and causing it to float in an upward direction which keeps it from immersing

4.Strike King Square Bill Crankbait


Strike King Square Bill Crankbait  has tiny ball bearings inside enabling to produce sound with optimal frequencies and is also realistically designed letting it ape the swimming styles of minnows. These twin features of the lure render the tackle pretty enticing to smallmouth and largemouth bass, yellow perch, Northern pike, walleye, and many other species of game fishes that are popular with anglers. The buzzes, wobbles, color pattern, realistic eyes and form factor all work in unison to create an effect that the predator fishes find hard to ignore. The body is made of high-grade ABS plastic and the trident hooks have been crafted out of VMC nickel which makes the bait incredibly hardy.

This type of crankbait works excellently in areas or regions where the maximum depth of water is between 4-5 feet. It comes with a tiny lip which means the lure generates minimal resistance when it is being retrieved. This feature also makes the lure run smoothly and quite shallow without compromising on the wobble factor. The fact that you tether the lure to your casting line via the ring on the nose also causes it to float or drift shallowly. You can the crankbait to the best of your advantage especially when you’re running along the shoreline where a lot of abandoned boats are docked or is replete with rotten timber, weeds or tree stumps.


  • This style of crankbait is appropriate for hooking small basses, walleyes, and roaches that thrive in areas where the water runs shallow
  • The trident-styled hooks or hinges, one at the tail end and the other below the mouth made of VMC metal are extremely robust
  • Elaborate color patterns that offer to it a realistic appearance
  • Internalized ball bearing technology allows it to reproduce the right buzzes and rattles
  • Body made of ABS plastic that keeps the product functioning for years


  • The hook at the front end tends to get wedged in the initial joint thereby nullifying the action
  • Not effective for catching or hooking largemouth basses or large pikes

5.Fishing Lure Set Kit Lots With Tackle Box, LifeVC Fishing Lures Baits Tackle Set For Freshwater Trout Bass Salmon

The fishing tackle from Life VC comes equipped with striking fishing lures, pinpointed hooks, and an array of other fishing gear giving the angler an edge or advantage over his adversaries as far as bass fishing is concerned. The elaborate outlines coupled with the realistic and true-to-life colors seamlessly resemble live baits like crayfish and tadpoles. Additionally, ball bearing constructed out of high-grade steel produces a rattling buzz that sets a ripple in the water that draws out the basses from the most inaccessible of hideouts.

The attractive lures have been fashioned out of a superior grade of metal and plastics which renders them extremely durable allowing the user to use the same for many years. There are more than 100 baits inside the organizer/tackle box that look exactly like live crayfish, worms, frogs, shrimps, and other tiny marine organisms or minnows that whet basses’ appetite. The miscellaneous tackle comprising rubberized frogs, metallic blades, and plastic worms etc create the befitting vibrations in the water sending out signals to the basses. The lures can be used to good effect in different kinds of water bodies including lakes, rivers, streams, rivulets, ponds, and even the high seas. If you’re an avid angler, you’ll surely find the LifeVC fishing gear with tackle box quite versatile.


  • There are 138 pieces of lures inside the tackle box that are organized neatly in two trays made from either plastic or metal
  • The tackles are arranged according to distinct categories of minnows or small marine organisms that basses like to prey on including frogs, anchovies, crayfish, worms, and so on
  • There is an assortment of blade lures that vibrate and flash influencing the lateral line sensitivity of the basses rendering these perfect baits to be used by both seasoned anglers and weekend fishers
  • The lures can cover a large body or area of water
  •   Being semi-weedless these don’t stick on weeds or underwater plant growths while producing a natural swimming motion that attracts the fishes
  • The lures or baits can be cast out as well as reeled straight in with amazing convenience
  • The casting or fishing line with these lures can be reeled in shallow as well as deep water
  • There are more than sufficient distinct types of best bass fishing lures included in the pack offering you the liberty to choose your preferred spinnerbaits based on depth and speed of fishing


  • What you’re getting with the package is an organizer (and not a tackle box) that actually goes inside a tackle container
  • The tackle box doesn’t come free (as the OEM or the third-party seller might want you to believe) as its price or cost has been included in the package


So, there you’ve it, the best bass fishing lures and each one of these baits can be used to good effect when it comes to hooking either the larger varieties of basses or the smallmouth ones. Picking out the most effective out of the ones elucidated above is undoubtedly a difficult task as one lure is as efficient as the other. Nevertheless, if a veteran angler who has extensive experience of using an array of quality lures or baits will go for the
Rattlin 5 bass fishing lure. This type of crankbait lure works ideally in all fishing situations and circumstances. The design, structure and components of the Rattlin lure make it seamless for hooking largemouth bass or smallmouth bass, Northern Pike, and Yellow Perch. However, the assortment of lures from LifeVC is equally good and therefore comes a close second.  


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